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our history


img-8The Hobe Sound Ravens.

The Hobe Sound Ravens began out of the passion to win and to keep playing football all year round.  After losing the TCFC North Championship a few MCS Bulldogs just weren't content on putting away their equipment for the winter, they had something to prove.  What better way to stay off the streets and create something new, they solicited their beloved Coach, Michael Foist, to take a chance and play 8 on 8 football.

The Foists' and the Lashers' combined forces along with a few other bulldog coaches to form a new association in Hobe Sound, assembling their practices and their teams at JV Reed Park.  With the help of the Hobe Sound Community Chest, the program was born.  Completing our first full season in 2013 with only 43 boys, we grew to 117 in 2014 and with the strength of our devoted Board we continue to grow.  Our program is an alternative for kids who just want to play competitive football year round.  As a Raven, we commit to all our kids, a safe environment, growth and spirit of family.  We leave no player behind who is willing to listen, learn and love the sport of football.

Awards & recognition

If you'll not settle for anything less than your best, you will  be amazed at what you can accomplish 
in your lives.

Each year we continue to grow.  This past season we have three teams attend the Division 2 Championship, the previous year one.  While in 2014 we had two runner-ups, We crowned one CHAMPION.  Congratulations to Head Coach, Chris Murphy, who took his Mighty Mites to the D2 Championship and won.  We also have sent twenty players to the FSYFL 2014 Pro-Bowl in Titusville, Florida. And finally, Lukas Lasher, Junior Varsity player, was given chosen the 2014 John Walters Spirit Award Winner for outstanding leadership on and off the field.

We also recognize our players and their parents at our season ending award presentation ceremonies.  This special evening is devoted to the players and the coaches as a whole. This two-hour presentation allows the coaches, the teams, and the Board of Directors to recognize a few individuals who go above and beyond the field of play.

Award Videos / Pro Bowl Photos  / Championship Weekend

Our Team

Quick Facts

Why is the team called the
Hobe Sound Ravens?

We are Ravens because when looking for a mascot we tossed around many ideas but we were at Hobe Sound Beach one morning and saw Ravens or Crows lurking around the edge of the ocean right before winter.  Later learning that the "Raven" is a winter solstice bird with "magical powers" leading others with spirit - the decision was made, Hobe Sound Ravens.

Because the Community Chest of Hobe Sound is the main contributor to our program and the majority of our practices and players reside in the Hobe Sound area. Please click the link to learn more about the Hobe Sound Community Chest.

What is 8-on-8 football?
and how do I play?

The FSYFL is the governing association for the 8-on-8 Spring Tournament.  Eight-man football isn't new and is geared towards skilled positions as it eliminates three men off the line of scrimmage.  For more information on the FSYFL please click below to acquaint yourself with the program we adhere to.

How do I get my child involved with
the Hobe Sound Ravens.

The Ravens Season begins in the Spring with practices beginning early January and continuing on through April.  However we begin signups in November and hold a combine event in December.  To signup or get more information please click below to contact our directors.

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